Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA): A cash rewards incentive programs specifically designed to jump start retail merchants’ loyalty programs and is supported by the Clover POS station.

RewardsCardPlus (RCP): The physical or virtual incentive “card” the merchant provides to their retail customer as a cash-incentive loyalty reward.

Encore Incentives: Encore Incentives, Inc. is the parent company behind the Customer Loyalty Accelerator(CLA) and RewardsCardPlus (RCP).

“Best Customer”: The parameters of what constitutes a “Best Customer” are defined by the participating merchant. Customer Loyalty Accelerator can assist participating merchants in defining “Best Customer” demographics.

Employee Incentive: The Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) program motivates your employees to identify “Best Customers” and implement the CLA program through cash rewards.


A. The amount of cash incentive provided is up to the merchant. Reward cash typically ranges between $5 to $25, but any amount can be applied. The recommended incentive amount is 10% of your best customers typical spending amount (for example, $10 dollar incentive for every $100 dollar spent).

A. It’s important to target your best customers for cash incentive loyalty rewards. Not all “Best Customers” will spend the same amount but having a focus on “best customer” will ensure the highest program revenue success, contact information sharing and return visit spending.

A. Included in your monthly subscription price is the cash card incentive load. The amount of cash and number of RewardsCardPlus Cards will be determined by merchant’s size and best customer spending information.

A. The customer incentive is store specific. The incentive can only be spent at the program’s merchant store. The employee incentive can be spent outside the merchant’s store.

A. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator has been designed to worked seamlessly with your existing loyalty program. The customer contact information collected by Customer Loyalty Accelerator can be transferred (imported) into your existing loyalty database. Customers can be contacted through your existing loyalty program or through Customer Loyalty.

A. Yes, CLA provides the RewardsCardPlus cash incentive cards, manages the customer collection database, provides customer contact info for existing loyalty program and provides opportunity for customer reach outs and reminders.

A. Yes, there is an opportunity to re-load the incentive for your high value best customers.

A. The first time receiving a RewardsCardPlus incentive, the customer provides their phone number in exchange for an activated card.

A. They can be identified at the POS Station by entering their RewardsCardPlus card code or the mobile phone number used with Card Registration

A. Yes, they can be identified at the POS Station by entering their RewardsCardPlus card code or the mobile phone number used with Card Registration.

A.  A “Best Customer” will be identified by the stores employees (Floor Sales or Cashier) and offered the RewardsCardPlus.

A. After the RewardsCardPlus is activated at the store, the customer registers the card via a web browser on their smartphone or computer. After the registration is complete, the card is loaded with the incentive cash immediately.

A. Yes, it’s typical to have a 14 day time limit on the incentive.

A. The cash is removed from the card. It can be applied to another customer or re-loaded after messaging the targeted customer.

A. As many times as you choose. There is no re-load limit.

A. Yes, with your newly acquired “Best Customer” contact information from CLA, other promotions can be bundled together.

A. The RewardsCardPlus Card is registered by a customer at https://rewardscla.com/register.  Once a card is registered, the customer is identified at the POS Station by entering their RewardsCardPlus card code or the mobile phone number used with Card Registration.

A. Yes, a merchant may include their logo on the card.  If you’ve already selected a subscription level for your Clover POS terminal, please follow the steps at https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/clover-app/merchant-signup/ to order rewards cards with your logo included.

A. Yes, at this time it is unique to the Clover POS Station.

A. Yes, you may use the contact information provided by the customer with Card Activation. Customer loyalty Accelerator (CLA) automatically sends a SMS text message to a customer’s mobile device with instructions to register their activated rewards card.


30 Day Free Trial!

More than a basic, points-based loyalty plan, Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is a complete solution to identifying your best customers and motivating return visits and higher spending. Your Starter Plan Free Trial includes:
  • 30 Day Free Trial and Set-Up Consultation.  At the start of your Free Trial, a CLA representative will directly consult with you to custom tailor a program specific to the unique needs of your business and high-value customers.
  • Fully funded rewards cards during your 30 Day Free Trial.
  • BOOSTER Package Bonus: Get (3) additional months of fully-funded Rewards cards by CLA to get you started off on the right foot. That's a total of (4) months of fully-funded reward cards!
  • Accurate digital ID and contact data for each customer registering their cash rewards
  • Detailed Customer Activity and Spend Reporting
  • On-going consultation with CLA representatives to fine-tune your program for optimal ROI results.