Alan Steinberg

Alan Steinberg


Mr. Steinberg is in charge of marketing, product development and new business development for Encore Incentives and its dba divisions, Customer Loyalty Accelerator and RewardsCardPlus.  Prior to founding Encore Incentives, Alan established himself as a pioneering entrepreneur in developing big data analysis and analytics as CEO at Deepdive Technologies, Axon Technologies and DevelopOnlineInc.  His depth of experience in technology and data also include a 20 year career as Marketing Manger at Intel, specializing in embedded microprocessors.

Scott Goble

Scott Goble

CTO, VP of Engineering
As VP of Engineering, Mr. Goble is responsible for development and quality oversight of our leading-edge loyalty card programs used by retail merchants, the Customer Loyalty Accelerator and RewardsCardPlus.  Scott comes to Encore Incentives after a distinguished career with Microsoft, serving as Principal Software Development for numerous releases of Windows and played a central role there in the launch of Windows 10. Prior to his service at Microsoft, Scott also worked at Intel as Director of Software Engineering.

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