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The Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) gives you everything you need to run your own digital loyalty and marketing program, or vastly improve upon the one you already have. Cash rewards loyalty programs have a stunning 80% success rate for customer enrollment, by far the highest sign-up rates of all program types. And, the CLA helps you to increase revenue while decreasing customer churn.

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator addresses the
top three business challenges in retail today:

  1. Losing business to online competitors
  2. Motivating your best customers to share contact info
  3. Increasing revenue rapidly with return visits and higher average spending

Easily Transform Your Current Loyalty Plan Into A Digital Marketing Solution!

Highest Sign-Up Rate of All
Loyalty Plans
Customers Gladly Provide You
with Digital Contact Info
Works Easily and Seamlessly with Your Current Loyalty program
Delivers an Immediate ROI. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Motivates Your Employees to
Engage with Your Best Customers
Easily Supported with Your
Clover POS System


Which Reward System Offers the Best Results?

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator is unique, because you don’t have to choose between your current points-based loyalty program and a cash incentive reward. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator works simply and seamlessly with your current loyalty program, adding high-octane incentive to enhance performance and brand loyalty. You get the best of both worlds.

Cash incentives vs. Point Rewards



Motivate your best customers to gladly provide their digital contact information

Personalize your customer’s experience at check-in and with customized incentives

Motivate your best customers to return more often, and spend more when they do with automated card management and personalized offers.

Empower and reward your customer service reps with new tools to create positive customer engagements

Encourage word of mouth referrals and social media buzz, deepen the customer relationship and brand loyalty

Easily and simply integrate your Clover station and any existing loyalty program with CLA's easy-to-use reporting features

Only 30% of the customers
who come into your business
are likely to make another
return visit

It costs 5x-7x times more
to acquire a new customer
than to drive an additional visit
from an existing customer



Receive an immediate cash incentive for providing accurate digital contact information

Enjoy a level of personalized customer experience on par with that of online retailers

Be recognized and rewarded for being a highly valued customer

Benefit from immediate cash rewards that don’t require complicated point-accumulation programs

Customers enrolled in a loyalty program visit 35% more frequently

Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones



  • Immediate compatibility and integration with your Clover system
  • Seamless integration with your current loyalty program
  • Cash Incentive awards can be “pre-registered” to a specific transaction for security and tracking
  • Employee participation bonuses are automatically recorded and tracked with Clover

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“Transform Your Current Loyalty Program into a Digital Marketing Powerhouse"



Your customer-facing employees are your biggest asset - they know your best customers! Empowering and incentivizing them to identify those high-value customers is critical to your personalization goals. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator provides a unique opportunity to offer key employees an incentive for identifying and personalizing the shopping experience for your best customers.

Your employees quickly and simply use their Clover POS terminal to issue the customer an activated card.  From there, it’s just one easy step for the customer to exchange their digital contact information for a cash incentive by completing card registration.  Once the card is registered, your customer may apply their cash rewards towards future purchases at your store and earn additional rewards.

Motivating your employees to identify and engage with your best customers is a key benefit that is unique to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator.


Incredible Free Plan Offer!

The Best Free Plan Ever!!  Get started with CLA absolutely for FREE. Use the free Basics plan as long as you like. If and when you are ready, upgrade to a paid plan for additional features. The Free Plan includes:

  • A simple user-interface that makes CLA easy to setup & use
  • Up to 250 enrollments
  • SMS and email messaging
  • Standard activity reporting
  • CLA support tuning your loyalty program for optimal results
  • Printed rewards cards (optional) for in-person sales with POS

For more information on all CLA plans, including Basics (free), Complete and Complete Plus (gift cards), see our pricing page.