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CLA Launches New Shopify App That Stirs Customer Excitement with Instantly-Redeemable Loyalty Rewards

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) proudly announces the launch of a powerful new app for Shopify merchants that quickly increases revenues– while also building customer value – without the costly downsides that come with price discounting.   Customer Loyalty Accelerator is a groundbreaking “instantly-redeemable rewards” loyalty app now available on the Shopify App Store. CLA seamlessly integrates […]


Shopify and Clover Merchants Offer Customers a Loyalty Rewards Program on Par with Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s recently revamped its hugely successful Kohl’s Cash loyalty program to make it simpler and easier to redeem rewards. The retooled program incorporates several new features – many of which are remarkably similar to those already available to Shopify and Clover merchants using the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app.   Kohl’s embrace of these program […]

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Costco Leans-In Even More Strongly to Customer Cash Incentive Promotions

Long a believer in the power of customer cash incentives – starting with their annual cash reward on Executive Memberships – Costco continues to launch variations of cash incentive promotions to reward customer loyalty and excite more sales. A recent promotion targeted at P&G products offered a $25 cash reward in return for a $100 […]

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Shopify sales surge shows business embraced online reality

Those retailers embracing digital transformation — from marketing to delivery — will likely be the ones that come out on top once stay-in-place orders and the COVID-19 crisis have subsided. Start preparing now by taking a deep dive into your operational, product and customer data and use that information to roll out the best products, […]

12 Tips for Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty in a New Era of Low-No Touch

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is here to help our Shopify and Clover merchant clients during this challenging period.  You can learn more how the CLA app can help promote customer loyalty and speed your business recovery on the Sh.opify and Clover App Stores Contactless curbside pickup. Remote online shopping and phone orders. Free home deliveries. Stores and restaurants restricted to a maximum of […]

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12 Ideas for Retail Demand Generation in the “New Normal”

Roadmap to Retail Survival: Part 4 Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is here to help our Shopify and Clover merchant clients during this challenging period.  You can learn more how the CLA app can help promote customer loyalty and speed your business recovery on the Shopify and Clover App Stores. While we are weeks, if not months, before a true “coming out” period […]

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How to Keep Yourself, Loved Ones and Employees Healthy and Safe During the CV-19 Shutdown

Roadmap to Retail Survival – Part 3 Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is here to help our Shopify and Clover merchant clients during this challenging period of Covid-19.  You can learn more how the CLA app can help promote customer loyalty and speed your business recovery from Covid-19 on the Shopify and Clover App Stores. Because […]

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A Roadmap for Retail Survival– Part 2: Maintaining Vital Customer Relationships During the Shutdown Period

Most retail establishments, from restaurants to gift stores, are faced with the unprecedented challenge of how to maintain vital customer relationships during this period of shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and social distancing.   For a small business, this can be a daunting hurdle. But there are definitely some things you can do to survive in the short term – and thrive in the […]

GET YOUR 3-MONTH FREE TRIAL – Customer Loyalty Accelerator Rewards App for Shopify and Clover

No other rewards program can increase customer spending as quickly on return visits. It’s the easiest and fastest way to more money!   What Can Customer Loyalty Accelerator Do for You? • Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) provides you all the rewards, reports and insights needed to run your own digital loyalty & marketing program.  • […]