The Secrets Behind Successful Loyalty Programs

CLA Launches New Shopify App That Stirs Customer Excitement with Instantly-Redeemable Loyalty Rewards

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) proudly announces the launch of a powerful new app for Shopify merchants that quickly increases revenues– while also building customer value – without the costly downsides that come with price discounting.   Customer Loyalty Accelerator is a groundbreaking “instantly-redeemable rewards” loyalty app now available on the Shopify App Store. CLA seamlessly integrates […]

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Has Your Store Loyalty Program Let You Down?

Customer Loyalty Accelerator will give your loyalty plan a big boost! Why is Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) the best rewards program for your Shopify or Clover store? CLA is an instant, in-store credit loyalty program that dramatically ignites return customer visits and higher spending. Some merchants using the CLA app have seen sales to returning […]

Can Your Loyalty Program be Trained to Fetch Repeat Sales?

After all your effort running down your new customers, you want to hang on to them like a puppy with a bone.  But, does your current loyalty program have you feeling like you’re just chasing your tail? Can your program be “trained” – e.g customized –  to fetch repeat sales? Customizing your loyalty incentives to target […]

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Why is it essential for my customer loyalty program to be customizable?

The easiest way for Shopify and Clover merchants to lower costs and earn more money is to motivate loyal customer return spending.  A  customizable loyalty program allows retailers to easily target high-value customers with special incentives that motivate return visits and higher spending. Instead of offering coupons, points or markdowns, you encourage return visits by rewarding your […]

In a Challenging Retail Environment, How Can I Keep Costs Down While Increasing Revenues?

In this challenging retail environment, how can I keep costs down while increasing revenues? According to a Bain & Company report, many merchants are finding that building loyal customer relationships is their biggest opportunity to lower costs.  How do loyal relationships translate into cost savings? Consider the cost of serving a long-standing customer versus the cost […]


The Best Loyalty Management Software Features Customizable Incentives to Reward Customer Behavior

The best loyalty programs help business to meet sales targets and give customizable incentives to the right  customers.  These loyalty management tools allow merchants to identify high-value, repeat customers and encourage them to buy more –  and in the most effective way – through instantly redeemable store credits.   Merchants considering a new loyalty system should check for […]

The Easiest Way to More Money is from Return Customer Spending

For Shopify and Clover merchants, Customer Loyalty Accelerator  (CLA) is your fastest way to more money! The key to CLA’s success: it’s been proven, loyalty programs offering instant in-store credits as rewards have a higher sign-up rate. Leading retailers like Amazon, Costco, Kohl’s and Walgreens are using the power of store credits to motivate and […]

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Walgreens Gives It’s Loyalty Program a Big Shot in the Arm with Shift to In-Store Credits

Joining the likes of Costco, Kohl’s and Amazon Prime,  Walgreens said it will relaunch its customer loyalty program to feature cash rewards as the rebranded  “myWalgreens” in November, Members of the new loyalty rewards will earn 5% Walgreens cash on private label products and 1% on all other qualifying purchases.   Walgreens cash can be applied to future transactions […]

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$100 Referral Incentive Announced by Customer Loyalty Accelerator

Are you a professional providing services to Shopify or Clover merchants? Have we got good news for you!  Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) has launched a $100 Referral Incentive Program.  It’s super easy to do and a tremendous benefit to your Shopify/Clover merchant-clients looking to increase revenues and customer satisfaction. Simply refer your merchant to sign up […]


Shopify and Clover Merchants Offer Customers a Loyalty Rewards Program on Par with Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s recently revamped its hugely successful Kohl’s Cash loyalty program to make it simpler and easier to redeem rewards. The retooled program incorporates several new features – many of which are remarkably similar to those already available to Shopify and Clover merchants using the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app.   Kohl’s embrace of these program […]