How to Transform New Customers into “Best-Customers” and Keep Them That Way

This long-standing axiom is a generally accepted truth –  80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers.   But what if you could move that needle to 25-75%, or even 30-70%?  The results would be earth-shattering for you in terms of profits and ROI.  And it turns out, the answer to this puzzle […]

Kohls store

Kohl’s Cash Program Cashes-In Big Time with 25 Million Users

Kohl’s Cash program is unique in how it rewards customer loyalty, and that uniqueness has paid off big-time for one of the few bright spots in the retail brick and mortar sector.   Kohl’s reward is simple and direct – $10 in store credit for every $50 spent –  instead of the old, worn model of customers having to […]

CLA Launches 4 Month BOOSTER Package to Enhance Its Clover Rewards App

Merchants using the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app on the Clover POS now have a groundbreaking new package of benefits that will automatically ensure easy program implementation and an immediate, undeniable program ROI.  “Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s newly launched 7-Point BOOSTER package demonstrates a deep commitment to our clients’ success by igniting greater revenue growth through […]

Cultivating an Emotional Connection With Your Customers Is How You Survive

With data and analytics, it’s easier than ever for retailers to identify and target their high-value shoppers and build highly personalized recommendations. But, personalization also helps retailers in another, perhaps deeper way, by connecting them with their customer base on an emotional level. Done properly, a retailer can lock in faithful customers for the long-term. In short, the future is personalization with a purpose. The […]


$50 Donation to First Data Consultants’ “Favorite Charity” for Customer Loyalty Accelerator App Referrals

For a limited time, Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is offering First Data Business Consultants a $50 donation, in your name,  to your favorite charity for each merchant they refer to CLA to sign-up for a minimum of one month of paid subscription to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator Clover station loyalty rewards app. The terms for […]


Tips & Tricks for Ensuring Customer Loyalty

Adapted from Clover Blog Reward programs and other customer loyalty benefits have become the norm. Businesses which fail to offer them do so at their own risk. In today’s customer-centric digital-driven economy, businesses need to find creative ways to attract, retain, and delight customers.  Among other things, businesses are using personalization, highly targeted marketing, and […]


Study Shows Loyalty Programs Increase Purchases by 20%

Adapted from Clover Blog: When thinking about the value proposition of a loyalty program, the benefits to the business owner are generally pretty clear. A loyalty/rewards program should build long-term loyalty and increase both the total amount customers spend and the number of times they visit. But is there any proof that’s actually true? The […]


The “12th Man” Solution to Succeeding in a Hyper-Competitive Retail Market

With wages, rents and pricing pressure increasing, retailers must be focused on the bottom line like never before. An industry-wide movement to a $15 an hour minimum wage is just one reason why retailers are seeking innovative new ways to compensate for the escalating erosion of profit margins.    At a 4% unemployment rate, even adding […]


Making birthday rewards work for your business

By Clover Blog An Alliance Data study found that more than half of the consumers surveyed feel special when a retailer acknowledges their birthday, which is why the average consumer receives between five and nine birthday reward offers. The bad news for businesses is that consumers on average only redeem between one and four of those offers. […]