Sales Generated by CLA in 3 Months

How Shopify and Clover Merchants Can Ignite Dramatic Revenue Growth Right Now

Do you want to increase your sales to returning customers by as much as 15x?  In this Case Study, the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) program increased return spending from selected customers by 1500% over a three-month period.    This woman’s boutique store gave Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s instant reward cards to 46 selected “high-value” customers.   The store’s investment in […]

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A Roadmap for Retail Survival– Part 2: Maintaining Vital Customer Relationships During the Shutdown Period

Most retail establishments, from restaurants to gift stores, are faced with the unprecedented challenge of how to maintain vital customer relationships during this period of shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and social distancing.   For a small business, this can be a daunting hurdle. But there are definitely some things you can do to survive in the short term – and thrive in the […]

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GET YOUR 3-MONTH FREE TRIAL – Customer Loyalty Accelerator Rewards App for Shopify and Clover

No other rewards program can increase customer spending as quickly on return visits. It’s the easiest and fastest way to more money! What Can Customer Loyalty Accelerator Do for You? • Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) provides you all the rewards, reports and insights needed to run your own digital loyalty & marketing program.  • CLA […]


The New Face of Face-to-Face Retail: To Survive, Retailers Must Adopt a Different Marketing Approach

Learn More about Customer Loyalty Accelerator and Sign Up for a 3 Month FREE Trial:SHOPIFY  – CLOVER Over 50% of customers say they won’t return to normal retail shopping behavior until the spread of Covid-19 begins to decrease. And long-term, most industry analysts agree Covid-19 will change retail industry trends and consumer behavior long after the immediate […]


How to help your favorite small businesses survive the coronavirus crisis

(CNN) Social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus crisis, but it also threatens to devastate small businesses. The drop in foot traffic and a reluctance to go out will leave shops and restaurants empty. In Seattle, already hard hit by the outbreak, a recent survey found that 60% of small businesses there are considering wage cuts and staffing […]

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Small Merchants In Crisis: How to Keep Your Customer Sales Traffic Up in Turbulent Times

Learn More and Sign Up for a 3 Month FREE Trial of Customer Loyalty Accelerator:SHOPIFY – CLOVER Small merchants reliant on customer traffic to keep their businesses open are facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of the coronavirus.  In times like this, your best customers are the ones who know you well, and you know them.  In […]

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How to Increase Sales by Implementing a Customer Loyalty Program

If your sales are starting to plateau or decline, you’ve got to come up with a new strategy to get a cash injection into the business. Are you utilizing a customer loyalty program?  If you have a loyalty program in place, that’s great. You’ve at least identified it’s necessary. But now, it’s time to make […]

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Customer Loyalty Can’t Be Bought, But it Can Be Rewarded

Reward programs and other customer loyalty benefits have become the norm. Businesses which fail to offer them do so at their own risk. Small businesses, even more than larger competitors, need to nurture their current customers while attracting new ones. Since customers are the lifeblood of a business, new ways have to be uncovered to […]


New Clover Store App Ignites Dramatic Revenue Growth Through Return Customer Visits

Retail merchants using the First Data Clover POS now have a powerful new app to quickly and dramatically increase revenues from return customer visits and greatly improve upon customer personalization.  Customer Loyalty Accelerator is a groundbreaking new “cash rewards” loyalty app on the Clover App Store, seamlessly integrating with both existing loyalty programs and the First Data […]


Amazon is winning retail not with technology, but with customer experiences

The common conception is that Amazon rules retail due to its superior technology.  But the facts show otherwise, Amazon reigns supreme because it has put customer relationships first and foremost at its cultural core.  Jeff Bezos famously said that “aligning the company’s interests with its customers’ ensured our success.” How has this philosophy contributed to […]