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9 Driving Benefits of Implementing a Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to achieve customer retention and increase the customer’s lifetime value. What are some of the biggest drivers behind the soaring popularity of loyalty programs?1. Retains customers The primary purpose of implementing loyalty programs is to retain customers by providing them incentives for making a purchases, giving a referral, sending a […]

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How Customer Loyalty Accelerator Helps You Reduce Online Cart Abandonment

One of the biggest challenges facing Shopify online retailers is cart abandonment — when shoppers add something to their virtual shopping cart but don’t end up buying it. Around 70% of online shopping carts are eventually abandoned, according to the Baymard Institute, an e-commerce consultancy firm. The top reason customers walk away – they say they were just browsing and weren’t […]

Walmart Explains Why Digital Relationships Are So Important to Retail in 2022

Walmart’s membership offering Walmart+ continues to be an important piece to the retailer’s steady increases. “Walmart is always going to be a business where you need to look across and see how the omnichannel business is playing out,” he said, but the membership program is important. “It helps us grow our e-commerce business. It helps us deepen the relationship […]

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Four Predictions for Retail in 2022

In times like these, when change is rapid and constant, correctly anticipating the future can be a huge strategic advantage when it comes to retail customer experience. We’ve seen the growing complexity of customer journeys — to the point where more than half of customers engage with three to five channels during each journey. So, […]