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Loyalty Programs Emerge as a Restaurant Must-Have

In a recent report from Bluedot, 69 percent of restaurant customers said loyalty platforms bring them back to a restaurant. That one statistic is stunning enough, but there’s more – a lot more. According to eMarketer, during the 2020 Covid outbreak: Loyalty members’ checks were 6 percent larger on average than those of non-loyalty members For […]

8 Great Gift Card Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Part 2 Gift card marketing is a valuable way to diversify your revenue stream, while increasing customer volume – two factors that are essential to business recovery in 2021-22. Gift cards provide restaurants with an immediate source of revenue – cash that can be incredibly valuable in the early months of recovery.   8 Great Restaurant Gift […]

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5 Key Benefits of Gift Cards for Restaurants

Part 1 As COVID-19 slowly begins to recede, many restaurants are turning to gift card marketing as part of their 2021-22 recovery plan. Why? Gift cards provide restaurants with an immediate source of revenue – cash that can be incredibly valuable in the early months of recovery. And when things eventually return to business-as-usual, gift cards help […]


Microsoft Survey of 34,000 Consumers on Loyalty Programs Reveals Surprise Opinions

Microsoft recently conducted a survey of over 34,000 consumers regarding their opinions on loyalty rewards programs.  The results reveal the systemic weaknesses in many of these programs.  Rewards take too long, are too difficult, or not perceived as valuable. Survey Question:   What don’t you like about loyalty or rewards programs you’ve belonged to? •        It takes […]

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CLA Launches New Clover App That Combines Gift Cards with Loyalty Rewards for One Complete Marketing Solution

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) proudly announces the launch of a powerful new app for Clover merchants that gives them everything needed to easily run their own loyalty, gift card and digital marketing program, right from the Clover POS. Many Clover merchants have discovered gift cards are a terrific way to generate more revenue and create loyal, returning […]

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What makes a good loyalty program?

The best ones are “simple yet powerful,” Klarna marketer Jon Chang told us.In 2020, Forrester Research noticed hundreds of brands across the globe reevaluating loyalty programs to meet pandemic-era demands, so it dug deeper to find out what exactly today’s consumer wants from one: A survey of more than 4,600 US adults found that two-thirds—65%, to […]