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Shopify CEO

Shopify Is Now the Third Largest Player in E-Commerce

As reported by Tae Kim, Barons.com Shopify ’s ambitions keep getting bigger, and the company is making some big moves to match. In June, Shopify (ticker: SHOP) took another step toward becoming a viable alternative to Amazon.com (AMZN) by unveiling the Shopify Fulfillment Network, which gives merchants cheaper shipping, warehousing, and picking/packaging services. Earlier this month, Shopify announced an […]

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Shopify to Buy Robot Fulfillment Company for $450 Million

As reported by Natilie Wong, Bloomberg.com Shopify, the shopping technology developer that’s quickly becoming the anti-Amazon, has taken another step up the sales supply chain with its $450 million acquisition of the warehouse automation and management technology developer, 6 River Systems. The acquisition will serve to boost efficiencies among Shopify’s  Fulfillment Network service, which launched […]


New App on Shopify Ignites More Return Visits and Higher Customer Spending

Retail and e-commerce merchants using the Shopify POS now have a powerful new app to quickly increase revenues from return customer visits and greatly improve upon customer personalization.  Customer Loyalty Accelerator is a groundbreaking new “cash rewards” loyalty app on the Shopify App Store, seamlessly integrating with both existing loyalty programs and the Shopify POS.    Cash rewards […]


$50 Donation to First Data Consultants’ “Favorite Charity” for Customer Loyalty Accelerator App Referrals

For a limited time, Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is offering First Data Business Consultants a $50 donation, in your name,  to your favorite charity for each merchant they refer to CLA to sign-up for a minimum of one month of paid subscription to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator Clover station loyalty rewards app. The terms for […]