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Store Card Program Administrator

Clover App OverviewThe Program Administrator is designated by the store. They can monitor sales, change promotions, check employee performance, and more – all from a user-friendly interface from any web browser.

Administrative Dashboard

Clover App OverviewSome of the functions the store administrator can perform from the Dashboard include:

  • Oversee and service all active reward cards
  • Communicate with individual or selected groups
    of customers.
  • View a full history and data analysis of all
    transactions or filter customer transactions to
    specific metrics.
  • Export CLA Best Customer List into your existing
    Loyalty Program.
  • Create comprehensive reports on sales and
    employee performance.
  • Alert when customer cards are about to expire
    (reminder to best customer that action needed)
  • Alert on best customer return spend level that
    exceeds level expectations (Rewards Card Plus might need to be re-loaded)
  • Alert on full registration rate. A new SMS message to register might be needed.
Clover POS

Clover App OverviewPre-activation is done by the CSA on the Clover Station by customers phone number. Now the Rewards Card Plus is ready to be fully activated by the customer. The customer now fully registers his card on the designated website.

SMS Verification

Customers will receive an activation code via SMS to
verify their information and agree to terms of service.
The Customer can activate their RewardsCardPlus
Card by:

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Phone
Return Visits & Repeat Sales

Clover App OverviewBest Customer has the option to check-in on a return visit for an additional incentive added to their Rewards Card Plus Card



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