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If you need assistance, we’re happy to help. Please contact customer support via support form ticket above, email, or phone listed.

Additional help is available on this website on these pages:

Video Tutorials  includes viewable YouTube demo presentations for Shopify and Clover Apps.
Reports Menu shows report views.
How It Works provides an overview of CLA program features and benefits.

Phone Support: 480-296-2033

60 Day Free Trial!

The Best Free Trial Plan Ever!!  We offer a genuinely incredible 30-Day FREE TRIAL plan (standard) to prove the value of CLA's instant in-store rewards. The Free Trial includes:

  • In addition to your 30-Day free subscription, CLA will also fund up to – up to $100 -  of the rewards redeemed by your customers. That’s an incredible value.
  • The simple user-interface makes CLA easy to setup & use.
  • Accurate contact information for loyalty plan marketing
  • CLA support tuning your loyalty program for optimal results
  • Printed rewards cards (optional) for in-person sales with POS

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