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The Customer Loyalty Accelerator is a unique cash-based incentives program which offers you an easy and customer-centric way to identify your customer, personalize their experience and generate more revenue.

How can you hope to compete with the online juggernauts if you don’t know who your best customers are? Or, how to digitally communicate with them?  The Customer Loyalty Accelerator works seamlessly with your current loyalty program and Clover POS system. We can identify your “digitally invisible” customers and help you level the playing field in this new era of customer personalization.

Cash Incentives Offer the Highest Sign Up Rates for Loyalty Programs


You don’t need to get rid of your sluggish loyalty program to achieve higher performance, just accelerate it!

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Create a motivational customer engagement at point of sale

Are you doing everything you can to hold on and grow your best customers? It costs a lot more to acquire a new customer, only to have them disappear from your store without leaving a single digital trace of their identify, purchasing habits, or how to personalize a customer relationship with them in the future? This is where the online giants excel, and how they are picking off your good retail customers every day. You can stop the bleeding by providing your best customers with a loyalty incentive that they truly perceive as valuable.

Cash Incentives are proven to be the highest motivator for influencing customer behavior. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator sales cycle begins with providing a Rewards Card Plus (a loyalty cash incentive with an amount is set by you), and in return, they gladly share accurate digital contact information.



Obtain accurate contact information from your best customers

Pre-activation of Rewards Card Plus cards by your customer service associate or cashier will ensure incentives are distributed to the right customers. The Clover Station POS app is used to pre-activation Rewards Card Plus cards. Now the targeted customer can register their pre-validated Rewards Card Plus through any web browser. This forms the critical foundation for future customer relationship building. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator system guarantees you are obtaining accurate digital customer contact information - transparently and willingly - because you’ve provided an incentive with the highest perceived value- cash!

Most loyalty programs rely point accumulation for future discounts and other benefits a lot of customers do not perceive as immediately valuable.  Most often, points-based loyalty programs also fail to obtain accurate contact information, promote return visits or build brand loyalty because of the customer’s perception of a low benefit value. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator eliminates all of those marketing disadvantages for you, with a better, smarter and more profitable solution for accelerating customer loyalty.



Deliver special offers based on unique customer info

Your newest and best customers should not be digitally invisible to you. Fueled with the Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s digital information, you can now compete with the online giants with personalization of offers, return visits and deepening of brand loyalty. Your customers have many options - online and off - to purchase what they want. Many of these options identifies them digitally to provide them a personal shopping experience and instant enrollment into their loyalty program. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator allows you to compete for your customer’s attention on that same level, easily and simply.



Motivate return visits and higher customer spending

With their activated, Rewards Card Plus cash incentive in hand, your customer’s return visit to your store is almost certain. Customers use their Rewards Card Plus like a standard gift card. Extensive customer surveys document that your typical customer’s spend amount will far exceed the amount of the cash incentive.

All program management is done through the application loaded on your Clover POS. Customers can now check-out, check balances and apply rewards to their purchase. At your option, the Rewards Card Plus can be re-loaded to motivate return shopping visits and customer check-in’s. Customer check-in’s provides the opportunity to personalize the shopping experience and identify customers purchase history to your front-facing customer service reps for immediate follow-up.



Encourage word-of-mouth and social media buzz

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator creates a win-win-win between the customer, merchant, and customer service employee. Knowing your customer, personalizing the customer experience, and delivering highly-valued incentives for return visits are some of the basic cornerstones to deepening brand loyalty and building a deeper long term relationship with your customer.



  • Balance Checking
  • Re-loading option
  • Registration reports
  • Activity purchase reports
  • Check-in activation
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Digital contact information

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The Best Free Plan Ever!!  Get started with CLA absolutely for FREE. Use the free Basics plan as long as you like. If and when you are ready, upgrade to a paid plan for additional features. The Free Plan includes:

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  • Up to 250 enrollments
  • SMS and email messaging
  • Standard activity reporting
  • CLA support tuning your loyalty program for optimal results
  • Printed rewards cards (optional) for in-person sales with POS

For more information on all CLA plans, including Basics (free), Complete and Complete Plus (gift cards), see our pricing page.