It's the Fastest Way to More Money!

The Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app gives you everything you need to easily run your own digital loyalty and marketing program, or vastly improve upon the one you already have, right from your Shopify E-comm or Shopify and Clover POS system. CLA will help you identify your “digitally invisible” customers, then motivate higher spending and more money from return customer visits.

A unique, instantly-redeemable rewards program, Customer Loyalty Accelerator offers you an easy way to personalize your high-value customers' experience and generate more revenue- in some cases as much as 1500% in just the first three months.

The key to CLA’s success is that instantly-redeemable incentives (cash) are proven to have a stunning 80% sign up success rate, and returning customers spend 67% more than new ones. Leading retailers like Costco, Amazon and others are now using the power of instantly-redeemable rewards to motivate return customer visits.

With CLA, you can delight your best customers with an easy-to-use, instantly redeemable rewards program that doesn’t rely on hard to track points accumulation or inventory markdowns, while also stimulating return visits and higher customer spending.

Cash Incentives Offer the Highest Sign Up Rates for Loyalty Programs


Benefits for Your Customer

Your high-value customers receive an immediate cash reward for providing accurate digital contact information. Once the customer is registered, they can instantly apply their cash rewards towards purchases at your click or brick store, plus earn additional rewards. Customers benefit from immediate cash rewards that don’t require complicated point-accumulation programs, and rewards can be reloaded based on spending levels set by the merchant. Your customers enjoy a much higher level of personalized customer experience. Customers gain the recognition and rewards for being a highly valued customer.

Customers enrolled in a loyalty program visit 35% more frequently

Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones

Benefits for Your Business

CLA is proven to be the most successful way to motivate your high-value customers to gladly provide their digital contact information. CLA’s cash rewards are the most effective incentive to motivate customers to return more often, and spend more money when they do. CLA empowers and rewards your customer service reps with new tools to create even more positive customer engagements. Immediate cash rewards encourage word of mouth referrals and social media buzz, deepening your customer relationship and loyalty. CLA seamlessly integrates with your Shopify E-Commerce platform, Shopify POS system or Clover POS system, and any existing loyalty program. See our FAQs for more information.

Only 30% of the customers who come into your business are likely to make another return visit

It costs 5x-7x times more to acquire a new customer than to drive an additional visit from an existing customer

Benefits for Your Employees

For brick & mortar stores, your customer-facing employees are your biggest asset - they know your best customers! Empowering and incentivizing them to identify those high-value customers is critical to your personalization goals. CLA provides a unique opportunity to offer key employees an incentive for identifying and personalizing the shopping experience for your best customers. Employees simply use their Shopify or Clover POS to issue the customer a CLA card. From there, it’s just one easy step for the customer to exchange their digital contact information for a cash incentive by completing card registration. Motivating your employees to identify and engage with your best customers is a key benefit that is unique to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator.

How CLA works

  • You set the reward amount, expiration time & sales target for your shop
  • CLA's incentives encourage customers to enroll & participate in your shop's loyalty rewards program
  • CLA keeps it simple by treating rewards as store credits with your shop
  • Customers earn rewards with account creation, purchases, birthdays and enrollment anniversaries
  • Customers redeem unexpired rewards as discounts on purchases in your shop
  • CLA monitors activity, adjusts account balances & notifies customers

Sign up for your 3-month Free Trial on the Shopify and Clover app stores!

90 Day Free Trial Period!

The Best Free Trial Plan Ever!!  Not a points-based loyalty program - Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is a complete solution using instantly-redeemable rewards to identify your best customers and motivate return visits with higher spending. Your 3-month Free Trial Plan includes:

  • 3 Month Free Trial and Set-Up Consultation.  At the start of your 3 Month Free Trial, a CLA representative will directly consult with you to custom tailor a program specific to the unique needs of your business and high-value customers.
  • Fully funded rewards cards during your 3 Month Free Trial.
  • Accurate digital ID and contact data obtained for each customer with account creation
  • Detailed Customer Activity and Spend Reporting
  • On-going consultation with CLA representatives to fine-tune your program for optimal ROI results.