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A. The Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is a cash rewards incentive program, enabling merchants to identify and reward their valued customers with a cash amount only redeemable through a purchase in their shop. For more information, please go to https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/


No, Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is designed to work seamlessly with your existing loyalty program. The customer contact information collected by CLA can be transferred (imported) into your existing loyalty database. Customers can be contacted through your existing loyalty program or through CLA. For more information, please go to https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/

A. Yes, we offer a 30-Day FREE trial with our Starter Plan subscription.  For a limited time, our trial period may be extended beyond the typical 30 days.  Please refer to https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/free-trial/ for additional information.

A. Yes, Customer loyalty Accelerator (CLA) uses both SMS and Email to send notifications to customers issued a rewards card.  When a card account is activated, a message is automatically sent to a customer’s mobile phone, requesting verification of their contact information and creation of a password for their account.  Additional automated messages include:  reward earned, reward expiring soon and reward expired notifications.

A. Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is suitable for a diverse range of businesses in the retail, service and hospitality sector and creates a win-win-win between the customer, merchant, and customer service employee. Knowing your customer, personalizing the customer experience, and delivering highly-valued incentives for return visits are some of the basic cornerstones to deepening brand loyalty and building a deeper long-term relationship with your customer.

A. The cash incentive (Rewards Amount) is set by the merchant with creation of their card program account and can be changed by contacting customer support by web help, email or phone at https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/contact/help/.

A.The free trial offered with CLA’s Starter Plan includes remittance by Encore Incentives for all cash incentives redeemed through purchases in a merchant’s shop. After the conclusion of our free trial offer, all cash-incentives are funded by the merchant.

A.During the trial period, Encore Incentives transfers funds directly to the merchant, covering the total amount of cash-incentives used in sales transactions within a previous month’s subscription period (calendar month).

A. No, Encore Incentives does not charge a fee for transferring cash-incentive funds.

A.The customer’s CLA Rewards Card account is allocated a cash-incentive (Reward Amount), which can only be redeemed through a purchase in the rewarding merchant’s shop.

A.No, the reward only has a cash-value for goods and/or services purchased from a rewarding merchant through a tender operation.

A. No. We offer printed CLA Rewards Cards to merchants, but the use of a physical card is not required for this program to be successful.  It requires the merchant’s entry of accurate customer contact information with card activation, allowing us to monitor activity, update card accounts and send automated notifications to customers. If printed rewards cards are desired, we offer them at no cost to the merchant.  For more information, contact customer support by web help, email or phone at https://customerloyaltyaccelerator.com/contact/help/.

Incredible Free Plan Offer!

The Best Free Plan Ever!!  Get started with CLA absolutely for FREE. Use the free Loyalty Basics plan as long as you like. If and when you are ready, upgrade to a paid plan for additional features. The Free Plan includes:

  • A simple user-interface that makes CLA easy to setup & use.
  • Accurate contact information for loyalty plan marketing
  • CLA support tuning your loyalty program for optimal results
  • Printed rewards cards (optional) for in-person sales with POS

For more information on all CLA plans, including Free, Loyalty Complete and Loyalty + Gift Cards, see our pricing page.

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