Inventory Management

Does your store face inventory challenges in 2022? 

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) can assist you with that.  CLA is unique among loyalty apps in its ability to help you optimize revenue opportunities from your loyalty program by managing inventory availability (exclusion) or promotion for loyalty rewards.

CLA’s Inventory Management feature has extensive contextual tool tips to guide you through the process without needing tutorials or user manuals.  And, the CLA app will alert both your customer and staff at time of purchase to any inventory management settings you have installed.

Inventory Exclusion

Merchants using CLA may exclude certain inventory items from participation in your Rewards Program with just a few simple steps.  You may want to do this for a variety of reasons – for instance, an item is in short supply or perhaps has a very narrow profit margin.

Inventory Promotion (Coming 1st Quarter 2022)

Want to promote seasonal items to drive store traffic, or move overstocked inventory?  Using the CLA Inventory Management feature, you can also promote selected items with greater rewards. The CLA app can then be used to send SMS and/or text notifications to your loyalty members of the availability of special rewards on specific inventory.

To learn more about how CLA’s Inventory Management feature can help you to overcome your inventory challenges in 2022, contact us at

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