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4 pilars

The 4 pillars of Loyalty in Customer Lifetime Value

Few metrics better illustrate a company’s well-being than Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). In previous eras, retailers could employ tried and true loyalty practices that would reliably juice CLV. Today, they are challenged with savvy customers who demand more for their attention and dollar.  Leonard Jennings, SVP of Loyalty Marketing for Synchrony, says that once-dependable loyalty plays […]


Telecom Companies Reversal Makes a True “Opt-In” for Your Loyalty Program Even More Crucial

In a striking development for internet privacy, the nation’s four largest telecom companies announced Tuesday that they will stop providing customer location information to companies that aggregate data on their customers.  Aggregators typically work with third-party companies on things like verifying a user’s identity or directing roadside assistance providers. But Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have promised to start safeguarding […]

What’s the Impact of Apple’s Pro-Privacy Moves for Retail’s Efforts to Personalize Customer Experience?

Retailers seeking to enhance personalization of their customers’ experience should take note of the potential impact of Apple’s recently unveiled pro-privacy enhancements for its Safari web browser. The need for high motivation and transparency of opt-in for customer loyalty programs has never been more critical for retailers. At its annual developer event, Apple announced an […]

Principle Software Engineer for Microsoft to Join Encore App Development Team

Scott Goble, most recently a Principle Software Engineer for Microsoft in their Windows and Devices Group, will be joining the Encore Incentives app development team in June.  Scott’s primary area of responsibility will be to oversee the company’s forthcoming First Data / Clover Station app validation and market deployment. Scott’s technical acumen and extensive experience […]