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Customers are very 
concerned about their information privacy

How to Ease Your Customers’ Concerns Regarding Data Collection

In a recent study, more than two-thirds of consumers (69%) report that recent news events have increased their concerns about sharing their data with businesses. So retailer marketers find themselves walking the fine line between enhancing customer personalization and growing privacy concerns over data collection, Adding to this paradox, almost half of retailers (47%) cite personalization is […]

Target tests new loyalty concept

Target is introducing a new way to drive loyalty. The discount retailer will test a new rewards program, called “Target Red,” in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area next month. The program offers a variety of perks, including 1% back on every purchase, and the ability to help direct Target’s community giving. In addition to the […]

SkyMall Co-Founder Joins Encore Incentives’ Business Development Team

Alan Lobock, the co-founder of Skymall and recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a start up guru and business advisor, has joined the Encore Incentives’ business development team as a special advisor and business consultant.  Mr. Lobock will be driving Encore’s business strategy for the Customer Loyalty Accelerator into the merchant markets and identifying new business opportunities. […]

Who Is Your Customer?

Why Knowing Your Customers’ Identity Matters More Than Ever

The most critical cornerstone to personalizing customer experiences is knowing your customer’s identity. It’s the foundation to creating a lifelong customer relationship. “Customer Identity Resolution” provides the answers and the pathway to greater customer loyalty and retention, according to a recent publication by the Chief Marketing Officers’ Club (CMO). Brands are rushing to implement the […]