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CLA Launches 4 Month BOOSTER Package to Enhance Its Clover Rewards App

Merchants using the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app on the Clover POS now have a groundbreaking new package of benefits that will automatically ensure easy program implementation and an immediate, undeniable program ROI.  “Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s newly launched 7-Point BOOSTER package demonstrates a deep commitment to our clients’ success by igniting greater revenue growth through […]


Making birthday rewards work for your business

By Clover Blog An Alliance Data study found that more than half of the consumers surveyed feel special when a retailer acknowledges their birthday, which is why the average consumer receives between five and nine birthday reward offers. The bad news for businesses is that consumers on average only redeem between one and four of those offers. […]

Clover just got better

Innovative New Clover App Ignites More Return Visits and Higher Spending from Best Customers

Retail merchants using the Clover POS terminal now have access to a powerful new app to easily increase revenues from return customer visits and greatly improve upon customer personalization.  Customer Loyalty Accelerator is the first “cash rewards” loyalty app to be introduced on the Clover platform, seamlessly integrating with both existing loyalty programs and the Clover POS […]

4 pilars

The 4 pillars of Loyalty in Customer Lifetime Value

Few metrics better illustrate a company’s well-being than Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). In previous eras, retailers could employ tried and true loyalty practices that would reliably juice CLV. Today, they are challenged with savvy customers who demand more for their attention and dollar.  Leonard Jennings, SVP of Loyalty Marketing for Synchrony, says that once-dependable loyalty plays […]