New App on Shopify Store Ignites More Return Visits and Higher Spending from High-Value Customers

Retail and e-commerce merchants using the Shopify POS now have a powerful new app to quickly increase revenues from return customer visits and greatly improve upon customer personalization.  Customer Loyalty Accelerator is a groundbreaking new “cash rewards” loyalty app on the Shopify App Store, seamlessly integrating with both existing loyalty programs and the Shopify POS.    Cash rewards […]

CLA Launches 4 Month BOOSTER Package to Enhance Its Clover Rewards App

Merchants using the Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) app on the Clover POS now have a groundbreaking new package of benefits that will automatically ensure easy program implementation and an immediate, undeniable program ROI.  “Customer Loyalty Accelerator’s newly launched 7-Point BOOSTER package demonstrates a deep commitment to our clients’ success by igniting greater revenue growth through […]

Rise of Digital

The Global Rise of Digital Goods and Services

Adapted from MyTotalRetail.com There’s an evolution occurring in a crucial segment of e-commerce: digital goods and services. Companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and FanDuel have built digital empires that have reshaped the media, travel and gaming industries. In doing so, these businesses (and their peers) are not only driving digital commerce forward, they’re reshaping the purchasing […]

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What Evolving Online Consumer Expectations Mean for Retailers

Adapted from MyTotalRetail.com In an effort to help brands and retailers stay on top of consumer mind-sets surrounding the evolving online shopping experience, Dotcom Distribution, a premier provider of B-to-C and B-to-B fulfillment and distribution services, conducts an annual e-commerce consumer survey. The 2019 study explores where brand decisions and consumer behaviors intersect, and how that […]

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What Consumer Payments Innovations Mean to Retailers

Adapted from MyTotalRetail.com The trend toward cashless consumer payments has retailers preparing for an evolution at the point of sale (POS). With just 24 percent of Americans carrying cash on a regular basis, merchants will need to accommodate more convenient payment options to keep pace with evolving consumer preferences. A TSYS survey found that debit and credit cards are […]

Cultivating an Emotional Connection With Your Customers Is How You Survive

With data and analytics, it’s easier than ever for retailers to identify and target their high-value shoppers and build highly personalized recommendations. But, personalization also helps retailers in another, perhaps deeper way, by connecting them with their customer base on an emotional level. Done properly, a retailer can lock in faithful customers for the long-term. In short, the future is personalization with a purpose. The […]


$50 Donation to First Data Consultants’ “Favorite Charity” for Customer Loyalty Accelerator App Referrals

For a limited time, Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is offering First Data Business Consultants a $50 donation, in your name,  to your favorite charity for each merchant they refer to CLA to sign-up for a minimum of one month of paid subscription to the Customer Loyalty Accelerator Clover station loyalty rewards app. The terms for […]